Surgeons Remove 5-inch-long Cancerous Dragon Horn from Old Man’s Back

Surgeons Remove 5-inch-long Cancerous Dragon Horn from Old Man’s Back

Doctors have removed a horrifying five-inch dragon-horn from the back of a 50-year-old man. Reportedly, the man has have allowed the horn to grow for three years. In this period of time, it had grown up to a size of 5.5 inches in length. Even more, it measures more than 2 inches in width. The most distressing thing about the horn is it seemed out to be cancerous. A new research paper published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) reveals the story of a man having a dragon horn. It budded out of his back regardless of him having no case history of skin cancer.

Doctors have diagnosed the anonymous older man with cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma. As per the authors of the study, the illness is the second most widespread strain of non-melanoma skin cancer. As the man did not have any family or previous history of skin cancer, the growth of the horn remains puzzling. Notably, the man not even experienced immunity issues like low immunity or immunosuppressed. Apart from this, there were not any of the lymphatic aberrations usually linked with such an abnormality. Well, most of the cases of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma are diagnosed and removed in primary stages. But this older adult had permitted the tumor to nurture for 36 months.

After detecting the dragon horn, doctors at the Countess of Chester Hospital had removed the tumor. After that, they had replaced the removed tissue with a skin transplant from the patient’s thigh. The amazed authors of the study have noted that the surgery was successful. According to reports, the abnormal disorder only took place because the patient neglected it. The surgeons behind the operation said regardless of existing skin cancer awareness in public and developed healthcare measures; such cases may arise. Well, it is not the first time that an easily curable condition has moved out of control. Above all, people need to keep a close eye on the changes taking place in their bodies.

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